Split libpeas for Python 2/3

Barry Warsaw barry at debian.org
Fri Jan 15 17:52:20 UTC 2016

Hello Debian Gnome maintainers,

I wanted to reach out about bug #806824, which talks about splitting libpeas
Python 2/3 support.  You may be aware that we are trying to migrate to Python
3 both in Debian and in Ubuntu, and are working toward removing Python 2 from
any default installations (not from the archive of course).

One blocker currently is libpeas, which currently carries dependencies to both
Python 2 and 3.  #806824 fixes this by moving the Python 2 and 3 loader .sos
into their own binary packages.  That way, any dependent package which just
needs one or the other won't have to carry dependencies to both.

Of course any dependent package will have to have its Depends updated to the
appropriate Python loader binary package too.  A list of these is available in
this Launchpad bug:


Hopefully someone on the Gnome team can help us along with the migration by
applying the patch in #806824 and the other required packages.

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