Bug#812555: gnome-session-flashback (temporary) black screen

Massimo Martelli hiroghkk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 01:33:50 UTC 2016

Looks like you were half right about accessibility.
>From the logs I found out this:
gnome-session-binary[4732]: WARNING: Application 'at-spi-dbus-
bus.desktop' failed to register before timeout
appearing right after the black screen. Anyway I do have accessibility
disabled (triple-checked) and it's weird that other gnome sessions work
fine. What's even weirder is that it looks like my at-spi-dbus-
bus.desktop already has that line not commented so the patch is not
For now, since I don't use it, I worked around the issue moving the at-
spi-dbus-bus.desktop file out of the way. Thank you so much for your
kind help, I guess I'll have to report to the gnome bugtracker for this
issue :)

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