CONFIRM 267012f24efe4a333860e179363e26f58302146e

control at control at
Thu Jan 28 14:26:54 UTC 2016


an operation that you tried to execute on the Debian Package
Tracker requires an e-mail confirmation. For reference, the
corresponding command was:

unsubscribe libgnomekbd pkg-gnome-maintainers at

  You asked to be unsubscribed from the "mailing list" associated to
  the Debian source package called libgnomekbd.

To complete this process and actually execute the corresponding operation, you
have to reply to this mail and include this command in your answer:

CONFIRM 267012f24efe4a333860e179363e26f58302146e

On any modern mailer, you just have to hit reply and send the mail.

If you don't understand why you got this mail, please ignore it,
nothing will be done unless you send the confirmation.

If you have any problem with this service, please contact
owner at

Debian Package Tracker

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