Bug#860796: appears to be linked to the lack of a running "nautilus --gapplication-service"

Ben Green ben at bristolwireless.net
Fri Apr 28 07:21:50 UTC 2017

Quoting Simon McVittie <smcv at debian.org>:

> On Wed, 26 Apr 2017 at 12:09:02 +0100, Ben Green wrote:
>> Quoting Simon McVittie <smcv at debian.org>:
>> > I speculate that in Ben's case, dbus-daemon might be selecting a file
>> > manager that is broken in some way, such that it silently fails to
>> > start up. Running "dbus-monitor --session" while reproducing this bug
>> > might provide evidence for or against this.
>> >
>> Well there's no shortage of output from that
> Huh. There is indeed no shortage of output, but it all seems to be gvfs:
> none of it is an attempt to send messages to Nautilus. I was expecting
> to see a message trying to start Nautilus (or more precisely
> org.freedesktop.FileManager1) and perhaps an error reply.
> Perhaps it would be more informative if you dbus-monitor'd the first
> attempt to reproduce this bug after a reboot? Or if not that, then sorry,
> I've run out of ideas.
>     S

I've just tried, the output when running straight after a reboot is identical.

Also it appears that /usr/bin/nautilus --gapplication-service does not  
in itself mean that desktop icons work. I have the service running in  
a session and still clicking icons does nothing.

This might be missing core functionality for a whole load of users I  
think. I'd really like to know who else is experiencing this. My only  
two desktop based devices on Stretch have the issue. With my  
incredibly small sample size this is looking catastrophic for a  
Stretch roll out. If there's anything I can do to progress this  
further please let me know.


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