Using Debian BTS to handle some specific Evince bugs

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Our team is about handling several Evince bugs to improve the
accessibility of PDF view on GNU/Linux. We also do the same for
Libreoffice and Mozilla.

To make easier the management of all bugs and to have a global vision of
them, and instead of writing our own Web page, and in order to be as
seamless as possible, we would like to use the Debian BTS. The purpose is:

- reporting there follow-up of GNOME  Bugzilla;

- mentioning in the subject that it is a follow-up;

- putting a usertag to affect such bugs to our team and about accessibility

With this, we think typing our team name or the usertag Accessibility,
we will have all bugs we follow and their status upstream, as we will
mention that we forwareded it upstream. And Debian will show its
activity in bug fixing in GNOME  and we will know for future releases
the status of GNOME accessibility bugs.

No aditional work for you, but we wanted to inform you about this
because it will generate a few new bug reports. If you want us to
mention a specific subject to be perfectly clear or so on, tell us. Tell
us too if the approach is a problem for you.

Best regards,

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