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Good day,

My Name is B. Raymond Buxton,  April 2014 was a remarkable day in my life as i won the Power Ball Jackpot of $425 Million . But as a devoted man, my heart still remains the same. At my age what more can i want out of life than to spend the rest in peace, but such peace can only be achieved from God by trying to put smiles on the faces of people. When you receive a word of appreciation from someone you have touched and affected positively, your life is elated and that much desired inner peace is achieved, when you see an hungry and naked child and you clothe and feed the child and he/she smiles, that smile is an achievement that is worth more than the World.  In my quest to change lives, I founded the Liberty Charity Foundation  and the Liberty Trust which is solely for changing the lives of people all over the world as i currently only have the financial means to do this. We have embarked in hundreds of projects small and medium scale all over the world trying to contribute our quota to human development both physically and spiritually. We founded the Personal donation scheme which we call Sharing-the-responsibility. We give out various cash donation every month to Ten "Lucky" individuals selected randomly by a  ballot system approved various Organizations ( Religious, Executive, Internet Inclusive) processed by the Liberty Team after much consultation. Due to the tax issues here in the United States and after much consultation, we have relocated the Liberty Foundation to Europe where the press do not bother that much and the banking and government taxation system is quite friendly.

On behalf of the Liberty Foundation, you have been approved for a donation of  the sum of $750,000 US Dollars. This may definitely go a long way in changing your life as this winning has done in just a few days to me. Do know that this is not given to you alone, but with a responsibility of investing in the lives of people in your community. I would love to touch the world, but i as a single person can not do this, but with you, i am sure the responsibility is shared. Off course investing in yourself is also important. Do send me your details , Full Names, Address, Occupation and Phone number immediately so the Liberty Legal team can prepare the needed fund release letter.

Contact Me via this Email address:libfoundhelp at gmail.com

Website: http://libertyfoundationhelps. ml
News: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new s/article-2594695/Luck-Jedi-I- Sole-winner-425million-Powerba ll-jackpot-claims-prize-wearin g-hilarious-Yoda-shirt.html

Thank You,
B. Ray Buxton.
Founder: Liberty Foundation
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