Bug#863310: Auto-adjust brightness should not turn off screen

Torsten Liebig torsten.liebig at web.de
Thu May 25 10:42:59 UTC 2017

Package: gnome-settings-daemon
Version: 1.3-16

I'm using auto-brightness on my MacBookAir 4,2. The screen gets brighter 
and darker based on the ambient light as expected. However when changing 
to darker rooms, the screen gets repeatedly turned off, since 
auto-brightness keeps on dimming the screen all the way down to zero.

This is even more cumbersome since when auto-brightness reached zero, I 
use the keyboard to set brightness up one level so the backlight gets 
turned on, and then auto-brightness kicks in again and turns it off.

After two or three repetitions of my input vs. what auto-brightness 
thinks the correct brightness should be, auto-brightness seems to learn 
that when turning up the brightness one notch, I do _not_ want 
auto-brightness to turn it back down right afterwards, and all is fine.

I suggest that:
- the minimum level for auto brightness is set to one step above zero, 
so auto-brightness does not turn of the screen involuntarily for me
- that when the user adjusts the brightness up right after 
auto-brightness dims the screen, auto-brightness should respect the 
users input and not try to turn down the brightness to what it thinks 
appropriate at the time. Instead, it should accept the user set 
brightness value as new reference for the current ambient lighting 

I am using Zorin OS 12.1 64-Bit with Gnome Shell 3.18.5 and kernel 

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