Bug#899376: gnome-terminal: Ctrl-Shift-Enter/Ctrl-Enter in MC isn't working on Wayland

Egmont Koblinger egmont at gmail.com
Wed May 23 21:59:04 BST 2018


Terminal emulators don't send anything special on Ctrl-(Shift-)Enter, they
can only send the same newline they do on Enter.

MC has a hack called X11 support: Whenever it receives a newline from the
terminal emulator, it queries the X server whether any modifier is pressed
at that time. That's how Ctrl-(Shift-)Enter can have different actions.

Give it a try under X11: do an "unset DISPLAY" and then start up "mc",
these keys won't work specially anymore because mc can no longer find the X

xterm still runs via the X compatibility layer called XWayland, that's why
this hack still works there. GNOME Terminal, on the other hand, is a native
Wayland app (if run under Wayland), there's no X server involved to connect
to and query.

I'm almost certain that Wayland's security model doesn't allow the same
hack; but even if it does, it's not (yet) implemented in mc.

Alt-Enter should still do the same as Ctrl-Enter used to do with the X11
hack, since in that case the terminal emulator sends a different sequence.
I think the best you can do now is get used to Alt-Enter.

I don't know off the top of my head how to bind some keypress to
Ctrl-Shift-Enter's action, and wherever it's possible at all; you should
consult mc's documentation. I guess mc should add some alternate keybinding
by default.

mc's manual mentions at C-Enter and C-Shift-Enter that "[m]ay not work on
remote systems and some terminals"

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