Arnaud Bonatti arnaud.bonatti at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 11:30:41 BST 2019

Hi, I’m the upstream maintainer of Iagno.

tldr: It’s fixed.

I imagine the hang was “just” caused by the AI calculations. The AI
has always been bad, until now. It was going (in hard level) in depth
6, calculating millions of positions, without really having goods
results. I improved greatly the speed of this AI first (see unstable
release 3.33.2), and then introduced a new AI that is mostly as hard
(a bit harder), but only going in depth 3, so with only some thousands
positions to estimate. It will be available in the next stable
release, 3.34, in October.


Arnaud Bonatti
courriel : arnaud.bonatti at gmail.com

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