Bug#927667: gnome: please confirm or revert choice of Wayland for default desktop

Ansgar Burchardt ansgar at 43-1.org
Wed Jun 19 21:16:58 BST 2019

Jonathan Dowland writes:
> So far as I am aware there is still radio silence from active GNOME
> packaging team members regarding this issue. No comment yet on the
> patch I adapted, positive or negative; this bug (#927667) remains
> at an RC severity.
> I've not yet read all the thread that Samuel linked to[1] but it looks
> like it leans in favour of preserving the current default (xorg).
> I'm copying -release team to see if they have any (new) opinions on
> the matter. Otherwise I guess it's up to someone to prepare an NMU
> upload, which I will *try* to look at in the next few days, but can't
> make any guarantees.

I'm just a GNOME user, but from gdm3's changelog the default was
switched to Wayland in July 2017 (or August 2017 for unstable).  I
myself only noticed the switch after reading it happened somewhere on
the internet shortly after it happened.

Switching the default back two weeks before the release seems too late
for me.  The largest issue seems to be accessibility, but as far as I
understand we already recommend a different desktop environment for
that.  I don't think that warrants changes that would only see very
little testing by now :-/


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