Bug#927667: gnome: please confirm or revert choice of Wayland for default desktop

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Thu Jun 20 12:00:50 BST 2019

Am 20.06.19 um 11:25 schrieb Jonathan Carter:
> I just have a small proposal:
> Selecting "Gnome on Xorg" is really easy from GDM for anyone who has
> trouble on Wayland. It might be worth while adding that to the release
> notes so that users who are not quite ready for Wayland yet know that
> there's an easy way to get the old behavior back without having to
> re-install stretch or some other distro.

That seems like a very good idea to document this prominently in the
release notes. After all, we do install both Xorg and Wayland support,
so switching the desktop session is indeed trivial.

I was about to file a bug report against release-notes to add such a
section, but then it probably makes sense to wait for a final decision.

Related to that, we already have

Assuming it is decided, that the default is switched back to Xorg, this
existing paragraph in the release notes should be adapted accordingly.


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