Bug#913978: (no subject)

Mika Hanhijärvi miksuh at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 13:26:12 BST 2019


This bug should still be fixed in Buster. If that is not possible then
it would be good if the old style gnome-control-center in Debian
Stretch's Gnome 3.22 could be ported to Buster. It really should be
available as an alternative as a e.g package
gnome-control-center-legacy. The old style gnome-control-center works
just fine with Orca in Stretch.

I really do not understand what are the Gnome developers thinking. They
really should not make changes like this without testing that the new
users interface is accessible with the Orca screen reader. Theyreally
should not release anything before testing it first.

The least that should be done is to provide the old style
gnome-control-center as an alternative.

If nothing else really can be done then those keystorkes should atleast
be documented. That is a really bad work around but ofcourse better than

When fixed gnome-control-center will be available it really should be
backported to Buster.

I know this is not Debian's fault so do not understand me wrong.

I hope that you all will have a fun and warm summer :-)

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