Bug#930932: zenity: Zenity crashes out on Athlon XP CPU.

Bernhard √úbelacker bernhardu at mailbox.org
Sun Jun 23 14:50:31 BST 2019

Control: tags -1 + moreinfo

Hello Iris,
I tried to collect some more information for the maintainer.

But I could not find a problem installing and running
zenity inside a minimal Stretch qemu VM,
that has no SSE support (-cpu pentium2 -no-kvm).

Therefore some more information might be needed:

- In which desktop environment you found zenity not working?

- Got you any failure already when installing or later when running it?

- And what is the output of such a install or run attempt?

- If it is crashing you might install systemd-coredump,
  then on the end of following command should be information
  where the crash happens.

    journalctl --no-pager

Kind regards,

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