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Attorney Errol Winston nuevaesparta at insopesca.gob.ve
Sun May 5 22:00:32 BST 2019

I am Attorney Errol Winston, a solicitor to a client who died due to a brief illness (Heart Attack)in 2007 and left a fixed deposit of 14.8 Million Pounds in a Bank here in the United Kingdom without leaving any next of Kin.I am writing you to seek your consent to present you as his next of kin as you both have the same last name.
 What i am proposing is 100% risk free and i guarantee that you stand to make a lot of money for yourself.I have all documents to back my claim and have these funds transferred to you in less than 2 weeks and we can both split the proceeds.Kindly get back to me in receipt of this email.
 Please note that you will not be required to pay for anything regarding this.
 Attorney Errol Winston
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