Bug#928662: Buster clean install; GNOME has log flooding with multiple apps.

hoxp18 at noramail.jp hoxp18 at noramail.jp
Wed May 8 14:57:33 BST 2019

To: maintonly at bugs.debian.org
Subject: Buster clean install; GNOME has log flooding with multiple apps.
Package: gnome-shell
Version: 3.30.2-9 amd64

Dear Maintainers,

I did a clean install Buster on my amd64 Kaby Lake machine in early May.

Since then, suffering "org.gnome.Shell.desktop" log flooding.

* Complete clean install.
  + Update BIOS and CLEAR_CMOS, with Secure Erased NVMe.
  + Using the latest Buster weekly ISO.
  + Updated.

* Package and version may not be correct.
  + I just could not find better one.

* Typically, log flooding by,

org.gnome.Shell.desktop[PID]: Window manager warning:
  last_user_time (33984584) is greater than comparison timestamp (33984582).
  This most likely represents a buggy client sending         
  inaccurate timestamps in messages such as _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW.
  Trying to work around...

  + It seems almost always "claiming very slight time delta".
  + the log sample above, time(stamp) values are real.

* In my case, those condition reproduces the log flood well.
  + download some manual PDF, and viewing them by "evince".
   - Modifing the PDF file's timestamp by `touch` did not solve this.
  + "Firefox ESR", just web browsing.

* On the other hand
  + GNOME terminal seems not, though it has the longest uptime.
  + byobu on it, calm too.

* I use AppArmor,
  + both evince and Firefox have their profiles.
  + evince has Buster provided profile, under enforced mode.
  + Firefox has my own profile, under enforced mode, too.
  + Both app/profile works; no app malfunctions, with app restriction.
  + The firefox profile had been worked several month in Stretch,
    though I made some fixes by aa-logprof; roughly 80% same.

* My filesystem is configured "noatime"
  + LVM-over-LUKS on single NVMe.

* #893519 seems to have some resemblance.

Thank you for reading this.


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