Bug#927667: gnome: please confirm or revert choice of Wayland for default desktop

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Sat May 11 10:21:22 BST 2019

Hi Jonathan,

besides the excellent summary from Simon, I can mainly provide some
personal feedback. Every now and then, I try the GNOME/Wayland session,
but so far I've always switched back to GNOME/Xorg.
My biggest gripe is
I.e. mouse animation under load is pretty bad for me and the stuttering
mouse cursor makes the desktop unpleasant to use. This seems to be an
architectural issue, as the mouse animation runs in the main thread and
is not easily fixable from what I read.
Then there is the case, that I sometimes need to use software like
teamviewer (I know, bad proprietary software), which is not Wayland
ready. I need something cross-plattform though, and I'm not aware of
another solution which runs on top of Wayland.

So, from my personal experience, I would say Wayland is not quite there
yet, and I would support a switch back to Xorg as default for buster. It
just feels like the safer choice atm.
I'm very enthusiastic about Wayland though and I'm convinced it's the
way forward. I also fear by pushing it too early, it might get a bad
reputation -- PulseAudio all over again.

Incidentally, I was the one responsible for switching back the default
to Xorg in stretch and the main reasons which guided my decision back
then mostly still apply today.
That said, I'm no longer an active GNOME team member and haven't really
done any GNOME related work during the buster development cycle.
And I'm convinced, that the people doing the work should decide.

So I hope you get some feedback from the active GNOME team members,
regarding their plans.


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