Bug#928662: Additional report

hoxp18 hoxp18 at noramail.jp
Sat May 11 18:10:12 BST 2019

Dear maintainers,

Now I found another log flooding.

Log sample

   assertion 'strlen (text) >= len' failed

between reported timedelta flood.

Hundreds, each, during 30min.


Composing mails on Thunderbird with IBus-Mozc, in Japanese.


* Both Thunderbird and Mozc have each AppArmor profile, enforce mode.

* I'm trying to adjust those my own AppArmor profiles;
   currently it does not help at all.

* Note: evince with Buster's AppArmor profile DOES reproduce
   the time-delta related log flood, too; just displaying PDF files.

* Other apps: GNOME terminal and byobu, sometimes mutt. They are calm.


In short, GNOME apps with AppArmor enforce mode profile
almost reproduces the log flood, time-related or assertion failures.

* Firefox, Thunderbird, IBus-Mozc: my own AppArmor profiles.

* evince: Buster bundled AppArmor profile.

* all of them are enforce mode.


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