Bug#924548: bug 924548: gnome-core: does not actually install a desktop environment on s390x

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Thu May 16 19:10:19 BST 2019

Hi Simon, all,

On Thu, 14 Mar 2019 10:29:06 +0000 Simon McVittie <smcv at debian.org> wrote:
> I recently changed gnome-core to install gnome-flashback instead of
> GNOME Shell on s390x, because: GNOME Shell is uninstallable on s390x, due
> to mozjs60 not being functional there; testing migration requires task
> packages to be installable; and the release team were not willing to waive
> that requirement for s390x, because d-i maintainers were concerned that
> d-i might do the wrong thing if asked to install an uninstallable task.

mozjs60 has been fixed (and uploaded by you to unstable), if I am
correct to actually enable this bug to be fixed. What is the status of
this bug?


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