Bug#927667: gnome: please confirm or revert choice of Wayland for default desktop

Jonathan Dowland jmtd at debian.org
Fri May 24 11:03:53 BST 2019

reassign 927667 gdm3
tags 927667 +patch

On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 10:26:07AM +0100, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
>Two ways of resolving this are: Either the default GNOME3 session in Debian
>switched back to Xorg, or the default desktop session is switched away from
>GNOME; but I would much prefer the former.

The attached debdiff (bringing back the similar change from 2016) seems
to work for me (tested in a VM) but I would appreciate any additional
testing that folks could spare.

The debdiff is an NMU but I currently have no plans to upload it as such.

Also available at:


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