Bug#929794: further investigation

Michael Jarosch mitsch at riotmusic.de
Fri May 31 11:41:55 BST 2019

Okay, tried to copy a few songs less and it works. My problem seems to
be that too many audio files are processed, simultaneously. But there's
another problem: Why are the files processed at all?
My Phone can handle several codecs (as shown in the "Advanced" tab in
"Properties"): MPEG layer 3 Audio, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG 4 audio and FLAC.
Most of my collection is mp3, I have several vorbis and flac tracks and
very few ogg opus tracks - that's it. Unfortunately, it looks like
rhythmbox is processing more tracks than it needs to.
But even that wouldn't be a problem, if rhythmbox would set a limit of
tracks beeing processed…

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