Bug#928662: GNOME log flood remains with Debian 10.1 buster (amd64)

hoxp18 at noramail.jp hoxp18 at noramail.jp
Sun Nov 3 06:04:39 GMT 2019

To: 928662-maintonly at bugs.debian.org
Subject: GNOME log flood still occur with Debian 10.1 buster (amd64)

Dear maintainers,

Additional reports from my new 10.1 env.

1. I did clean install again.

   + Mostly same except Secure Boot.

   + Kaby Lake / Intel Z270

   + UEFI Secure Boot: enabled. Kernel is locked down.

   + Same flavor fs: LVM-over-LUKS / NVMe

   + GNOME/Wayland (Intel iGPU)

   + AppArmor own profiles for,

     - Firefox ESR binaries

     - IBus-Mozc binaries (tweaked around ptrace from stretch one)

     - others, all enforced (at least they work on my tasks)

2. It still reproduces the situation especially when I type
   Japanese using Mozc on GNOME apps such like Firefox, etc.

   + Same timestamp related Window Manager warnings.


1. This log flooding itself is a minor problem.

2. The logs contains "window title" and this could be a privacy issue.

I think it would be better to remove that information from the logs.


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