Bug#862957: file-roller: Fails to deal correctly with filename encodings in zip files

Dmitry Tunin hanipouspilot at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 12:10:27 GMT 2019

> So you say this is a problem in p7zip-full, i.e. /usr/bin/p7zip?

p7zip can't properly "guess" encodings in zip files.

I reported this to p7zip maintainers many years ago, but they never fixed it.

A workaround is to get file-roller use unzip instead of p7zip for
dealing with zip files. I patched file-roller and added it to

ppa:hanipouspilot/file-roller and mountain it for years. This is an
easy workaround.

Another way would be to set ZIP above 7Z in src/fr-init.c  static void
register_archives (void)

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