Bug#944423: gdm3: file /etc/gdm3/Init/Default tries to read file /etc/X11/Xresources, but this is a directory

Tilmann Böß tux at velotiger.de
Sat Nov 9 21:24:06 GMT 2019

Dear Maintainer,

here's a patch that should fix the bug:

diff --git a/etc/gdm3/Init/Default b/etc/gdm3/Init/Default

index a8e6993..b50a234 100755
--- a/etc/gdm3/Init/Default
+++ b/etc/gdm3/Init/Default
@@ -25,8 +25,10 @@ gdmwhich () {

  # merge in defaults
-if [ -f "$sysresources" ]; then
-    xrdb -merge "$sysresources"
+if [ -d "$sysresources" ]; then
+  run-parts --list "$sysresources" | while read F; do
+    xrdb -merge "$F"
+  done


However, gdm3 seems to ignore the file „/etc/gdm3/Init/Default“ in 
contrary to „GDM3.8(1)“:

/When managing a display, gdm3 attempts to execute 
/etc/gdm3/Init/display, or /etc/gdm3/Init/Default if that does not exist./

„/etc/gdm3/Init/display“ does not exist, therefore 
„/etc/gdm3/Init/Default“ should be run. But this file is not run when I 
manually restart the service „gdm3“./


   Tilmann Böß  <tux at velotiger.de>

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