Bug#945022: python-gi-dev: should stop depending on python-gi

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Mon Nov 18 15:08:11 GMT 2019

Package: python-gi-dev
Version: 3.34.0-3
Severity: normal
Tags: patch
Forwarded: https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/pygobject/merge_requests/2

Dimitri Ledkov <@xnox> writes:
> Drop python-gi dependency from python-gi-dev. python2 is getting
> actively removed, and python-gi-dev which is used for python3 bindings
> shouldn't pull in python2 bindings.
> Things that want to continue building python2 bindings will now need
> to build-depend on "python-gi-dev, python-gi".
> I thought of proposing "python2-gi-dev" and "python3-gi-dev" packages,
> but I think it's unnecessary as a change in build-depends will be forced
> upon reverse depends, and it's better to only force on those that want
> to continue building python2 packages.
> It's important to upload this now, as lots of tooling is used to
> analyze which packages still build-depend on python2, and this package
> transitively introduces python2 build-dependenices on python3-only
> packages.

I'm opening this as a bug so that I can use it to block the resulting
bugs in (according to Dimitri's analysis):

* avahi
* gedit-developer-plugins
* gnat-gps
* gst-python1.0
* nautilus-python
* pyatspi

Implementation plan

* Report bugs in the above packages
* Give maintainers an opportunity to fix those bugs
* Drop dependency (accept !2)
* Raise any remaining bugs to serious severity

Out of scope

I am not intending to remove the dependency on python3-gi-dev at this
stage, although it would maybe make a future Python 4 transition easier
if we did (python-dbus-dev already works like this).

If done, that would potentially affect the other reverse-build-deps of

* accerciser
* alacarte
* blueman
* caribou
* catfish
* gedit
* glade
* glom
* gnome-dvb-daemon
* gnome-music
* gnumeric
* ibus
* libaccounts-glib
* libgit2-glib
* libgom
* libpeas
* lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings
* lollypop
* menulibre
* mozo
* mypaint
* nemo-python
* orca
* piper
* planner
* python-caja
* rhythmbox
* thunarx-python
* totem
* v-sim
* vips
* xapp
* xpra

If this is desired, please use a separate bug to coordinate.

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