Bug#936625: gnome-doc-utils is deprecated

Andreas Henriksson andreas at fatal.se
Wed Nov 20 10:20:57 GMT 2019

Control: severity -1 serious


The gnome-doc-utils package is deprecated since many years.
It should be removed, rather than ported to python3.

Please see #889019 for futher deprecation info.

This packages however still has quite a large reverse build-dependency

$ reverse-depends -r testing -b src:gnome-doc-utils
* gimp-help                     (for gnome-doc-utils)
* glom                          (for gnome-doc-utils)
* kupfer                        (for gnome-doc-utils)

* cinnamon-control-center       (for gnome-doc-utils)
* cinnamon-desktop              (for gnome-doc-utils)
* dasher                        (for gnome-doc-utils)
* florence                      (for gnome-doc-utils)
* gbrainy                       (for gnome-doc-utils)
* gconf-editor                  (for gnome-doc-utils)
* geary                         (for gnome-doc-utils)
* geeqie                        (for gnome-doc-utils)
* glabels                       (for gnome-doc-utils)
* gmpc                          (for gnome-doc-utils)
* gnome-chemistry-utils         (for gnome-doc-utils)
* gnome-system-tools            (for gnome-doc-utils)
* gparted                       (for gnome-doc-utils)
* gwaei                         (for gnome-doc-utils)
* indicator-sensors             (for gnome-doc-utils)
* krb5-auth-dialog              (for gnome-doc-utils)
* libgda5                       (for gnome-doc-utils)
* lightdm                       (for gnome-doc-utils)
* mp3splt                       (for gnome-doc-utils)
* muffin                        (for gnome-doc-utils)
* ocrfeeder                     (for gnome-doc-utils)
* pdfmod                        (for gnome-doc-utils)
* pitivi                        (for gnome-doc-utils)
* sensors-applet                (for gnome-doc-utils)
* shadow                        (for gnome-doc-utils)
* shotwell                      (for gnome-doc-utils)
* solfege                       (for gnome-doc-utils)
* viking                        (for gnome-doc-utils)
* xiphos                        (for gnome-doc-utils)

I'm raising the severity for more visibility because it's very unlikely
anyone can hope for this package to survive python2 removal. Thus
someone will decide if this is important enough to keep to also keep

Andreas Henriksson

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