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Industial line of Cardboard Shredders and Perforators, the unique in the world with 3 cutting mode/method. Cardboard can be shredded into mats, nets, strips and even chips. No more wasting and rough packaging!
Our Goal is to give to you the opportunity to recycle the cartons, to re-use your cardboards and to convert them into High quality packing materials. Make your business eco-friendly and follow the "circular economy", the best way to save our Health, Energy and... Money!
- Recycle waste carton and save spaces in your Factory and Warehouses
- Convert Cardboards into High Quality Packing materials
- Make your Business eco-Friendly and Save our PLANET!!!      
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Why buy the HYPER SHREDDER cardboard shredder?
• Designed for heavy use with 8 mm. blades, roller bearings, reinforced shaft and belt!
• Transforms your used cartons in precious packaging material, without wasting time and effort!
• You can protect your products inside the boxes, without buying polystyrene and bubble wrap.
• Due to its flexibility the cardboard mesh produced is easily adaptable, to any type of packaging with remarkable impact resistance.
• Frees warehouse space needed to store packaging material.
• It cuts the costs of waste disposal and packaging.
• It frees space, ecological and economical
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The NET version convert the cardboards in a shock absorbing and flexible netting the best solution to replace plastic packing peanuts, bubble wrap and packaging air bags.


The CHIP version is a special cardboard converter to replace plastic peanuts, Polystyrene chips, the best way for packing delicate crystal items and lladro.


The STRIP version shreds your cardboard waste into (long) strips, for special packaging applications, like for medical products also ideal, to replace the straw for Animal Bedding.     
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The HYPER SHREDDER blades are reinforced and resist the passage of small pieces of metal. Can use cartons with a width exceeding 1 meter because the machine performs automatic trimming; simply by repeating the procedure. With HYPER SHREDDER you get high quality packaging material.
Technical Advantages
• Simple and easy to use by means of an on/off switch:
• Sturdy structure and stainless steel crankcase suitable for intensive use in shipping department.
• All models are transportable on wheels. .
• Conforms to all norms of national and international safety regulations.
• All models are equipped with a dust suction connection.
• Super-sized engine for optimum reliability.
HYPER SHREDDER is the only cardboard shredder in the world that offers the following finishes just changing the blades. Confetti - Elastic mesh – Strips    

   HS 299  

Cutter Feed height 10 mm / Cutting Capacity 2 cubic/m per hour / Cutting Speed 8m/min        [ CONTACT US ]( )

   HS 300 or 400  

Cutter Feed height 16 mm / Cutting Capacity 4 cubic/m per hour / Cutting Speed 14m/min        [ CONTACT US ]( )

   HS 500 or 700  

Cutter Feed height 16 mm / Cutting Capacity 6 cubic/m per hour / Cutting Speed 14m/min        [ CONTACT US ]( )       
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