Bug#948288: gnome-shell reproducibly crashes on boot, and the boot process gets stuck

Md Ayquassar mdayq at rambler.ru
Sat Feb 1 18:22:14 GMT 2020

affects 948288 + libegl-mesa0thanks

With nomodeset kernel option, here is the output of "dmesg" and "journalctl
--no-pager" right after the boots process gets stuck and I switch to console with
Ctrl+Alt+F2. Observe that the segfault message is gone.

I think that the Mesa dirver in any case needs better error handling at the
source code position mentioned. I neither know what the driver does nor what it
is supposed to do, but getting stuck or segfaulting as the last resort does not
seem to be a very useful behavior :-). So, the maintainers of libegl-mesa0 should
become aware of the bug report. So, I did "affects 948288 + libegl-mesa0"; feel
free to correct if you fel otherwise.
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