Bug#764607: systemd: systemctl does not re-create display-manager.service symlink

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Sun Feb 2 20:03:06 GMT 2020

Am 02.02.20 um 20:45 schrieb Michael Biebl:
> Am 02.02.20 um 16:13 schrieb Yves-Alexis Perez:
>> On Sat, 2020-02-01 at 03:21 +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:
>>> They should also add a
>>> [Install]
>>> Alias=display-manager.service
>>> section
>>> to their service file. Which will make sure that if you run
>>> "systemctl enable foo.service", display-manager.service will point at
>>> the desired display manager.
>> Hi Michael, I tried that, but it seems that it has the side effect of making
>> lightdm restart when upgrading, which is not really a good idea when you're
>> actually in a X session.
>> Any idea how to prevent that?
> Can you show me the (complete) postinst code?

I had a very superficial look at debian/rules

       dh_installsystemd -plightdm --no-start -r lightdm.service

I suppose you don't want that.
For one, it would unconditionally enable the service, not respecting the
debconf choice.
It would also unconditionally remove the display-manager.service symlink
on purge.

An empty

is probably better suited in this case.

Not sure if this fixes the issue you are seeing, just something I
noticed while quickly glancing at it.

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