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    Allied Investment & consulting Services,
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Attn Sir/Madam,

Greetings to you,

The basis of my proposal is purely investment Partnership, I have a client
Mr A. S Alsayed Group from Saudi Arabia who wants to move and reassign fund
in excess of US$100. 000.000.00 One Hundred Million US dollars for possible
investment purpose were you shall be given full authority to perform on
your area of specialization.

NB: The said funds are clean and free from any form of bureaucratic Lien .

As the result of understanding the specific requirements of these FAMILY
INVESTMENT, it has led me to establishing specific services that these type
of transaction need for their sensitivities and protect their
confidentiality at all time and in all circumstances by working with a
Trust and Fiduciary services company holding all vital documents relating
to the said assets. Through this company we are able to set up
international structures that facilitate international investments and
protect the investor interest with 99% success rating in my dealings . We
always take the most care to represent the interests of the investors and
our clients.

If you are willing and able to keep the details of the personality involved
private as he seeks utmost confidentiality because of his political
position in his country and in agreement with the condition stated herein,
please kindly read through, revert and I shall provide you with more
details about my client who happens to be a high ranking political figure.
For obvious reasons, the client doesn't want the world to know about his
funds , investments and wealth hence we are taking full responsibility of
the whole process on behalf of our client.

I want to bring up the fact that there is need for a face to face meeting
before funding process to your company, to enable us further acquaint
ourselves and deliberate on both the transfer structures and possible
investment projects. I will like to hear what your thoughts are about this
meeting. I hope you understand my message but if not, we shall still
discuss further both via email and verbally in the interim so that there
will be total clarity and understanding of the process by you on both sides.

Thanks once again for your interest and looking forward to a long term
investment partnership with you.


Mr. Steven Albert.
Investment Manager.
Allied investment & Consulting Services.
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Phone: +44-7872-201034
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