Bug#948947: gnome-builder: fails to run built application

Keyikedalube Ndang keyikedalubendang at protonmail.ch
Mon Feb 24 02:05:30 GMT 2020

This bug/issue is no longer noticed on my system anymore. All built applications run successfully.

Here's a summary of what happened:
- Last week I upgraded gnome-builder from 3.34 to 3.35
- Somewhere on the Internet found the solution for manually starting xdg-document-portal
- Upgraded some packages (I don't pull all upgrades at once because I'm on unstable distribution... yup migrated from testing)
- days passed
- Started gnome-builder and tried to run a project without manual xdg-doc set up. Project ran successfully!
  Not believing the output. Logged out my current session and back in again.
  Repeated the same step to run the project without manually starting xdg-document-portal. Ran again

In conclusion, this must have been a temporary issue on my end due to some packages not upgraded that gnome-builder depends? IDK, but that's what I'm guessing right now.

Should close this issue.

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