Bug#964728: gtk-doc-tools: gtkdoc-scangobj fails in mipsel / Loongson when building webkit2gtk

Alberto Garcia berto at igalia.com
Thu Jul 9 16:42:35 BST 2020

Package: gtk-doc-tools
Version: 1.32-4
Severity: important


the mipsel build of webkit2gtk is failing because of gtkdoc-scangobj:

| 2020-06-10 14:02:24,288:scangobj.py:execute_command:1199:WARNING:Running scanner failed: -6, command: ./webkit2gtk-4.0-scan
| Traceback (most recent call last):
|   File "/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/Tools/gtkdoc/generate-gtkdoc", line 254, in <module>
|     build_gtkdoc_for_wkgtk(arguments)
|   File "/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/Tools/gtkdoc/generate-gtkdoc", line 224, in build_gtkdoc_for_wkgtk
|     saw_warnings = generate_documentation(webkit2_generator)
|   File "/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/Tools/gtkdoc/generate-gtkdoc", line 158, in generate_documentation
|     return generate_doc(generator, arguments.skip_html)
|   File "/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/Tools/gtkdoc/generate-gtkdoc", line 145, in generate_doc
|     generator.generate(not skip_html)
|   File "/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/Tools/gtkdoc/gtkdoc.py", line 147, in generate
|     self._run_gtkdoc_scangobj()
|   File "/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/Tools/gtkdoc/gtkdoc.py", line 337, in _run_gtkdoc_scangobj
|     self._run_command(['gtkdoc-scangobj', '--module=%s' % self.module_name],
|   File "/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/Tools/gtkdoc/gtkdoc.py", line 218, in _run_command
|     raise Exception(('%s produced a non-zero return code %i\n'
| Exception: gtkdoc-scangobj produced a non-zero return code 250
| Command:
|   gtkdoc-scangobj --module=webkit2gtk-4.0

This is only happening on the mipsel builds, and I cannot reproduce
the problem in eller.debian.org. Adrian Bunk says it fails on the
Loongson buildds but succeeds on the others.

I have a FTBFS on webkit2gtk because of this (#962616).



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