Bug#965345: mousetweaks: no longer used by GNOME, should be removed or transferred to a new maintainer

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Tue Jul 21 11:20:30 BST 2020


Thanks for your email ... indeed, I was wrong, but this is due to the
wrong location of the dependency.

> - ${desktop}-control-center has options to enable mouse accessibility
>   (click-on-hover/"dwell clicks" and/or simulated secondary clicks),
>   but those options just set the value of a key in GSettings

There is no code in cinnamon-control-center that references mousetweaks
or it gconf setting.

> - ${desktop}-settings-daemon is responsible for reading the GSettings
>   keys; if at least one of those two options is enabled, it starts
>   mousetweaks, or if both are disabled it stops mousetweaks

BUT cinnamon-settings-daemon has a plugin for mouse that relies on
mousetweak, indeed:
	static void
	set_mousetweaks_daemon (CsdMouseManager *manager,
	                        gboolean         dwell_click_enabled,
	                        gboolean         secondary_click_enabled)

So I would need to move the dependency to c-s-d instead. Hmm.

> Now that I look at it again, I don't understand how/whether the
> Cinnamon implementation works. mousetweaks seems to read settings
> from the org.gnome.desktop.a11y.mouse GSettings schema (part of
> src:gsettings-desktop-schemas) to determine whether to enable dwell

I will check. Thanks for your investigation.

> myself, and I use GNOME rather than Cinnamon. If it doesn't work, please

Me neither anymore, switched to (my) KDE/Plasma. BUt still keep up with
cinnamon as good as possible.

> been more appropriate to have it in ${desktop}-settings-daemon, since
> that's where mousetweaks is actually mentioned. As I said, GNOME doesn't

Indeed, see above ...

> If this feature is important to Cinnamon, I would recommend either talking
> to GNOME upstream about taking over upstream maintenance of mousetweaks, or
> absorbing the mousetweaks code into cinnamon-settings-daemon, or moving
> this functionality into Cinnamon's compositor/window manager as a more
> direct equivalent of what GNOME has done.
> Or, if it isn't important to Cinnamon and doesn't work, I'd recommend
> removing it from the UI and implementation (like UKUI and MATE have done)
> to avoid misleading users.

I'll look into the options, thanks for laying them out!

All the best


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