Bug#973485: gdm3 starts gnome instead of .xsession even when "Default X11 session" is selected

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Mon Nov 2 16:14:16 GMT 2020

Re: Simon McVittie
> If your intention was to make me or another active team member feel
> guilty enough to drop everything and spend a day triaging, I'm sorry,
> but that isn't sustainable: if I take on extra responsibilities every
> time someone complains about a team that I'm already trying to help,
> that's how we get burned-out maintainers who abandon the project and leave
> the remaining team members more overloaded. Even if we don't care about
> maintainers' well-being (which we should), that seems counterproductive.

Sorry that wasn't my intention.

If triaging the old bugs doesn't work because no one is doing it, I'd
say it's better to close all bugs that haven't been updated for a year
or so, with a message asking to reopen if the problem is still
present. Of course that's not the normal way we handle bugs, but
leaving 300 bugs open (and most of them unattended) isn't useful.


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