Update buster's metacity to revert "unminimize windows with initial IconicState"?

Martin Guy martinwguy at sugarlabs.org
Sat Nov 7 12:11:05 GMT 2020

   I'm maintaining the Sugar Live Build and wonder if Debian can help solve
an issue that makes it hard to get a properly working system.
   The issue is that the Sugar Journal opens full-screen when it should open
iconized, obscuring the home page of activities, and for first-time users the
workaround of pressing F3 to switch to the Home view is not obvious.
   We've tried one fix, of installing metacity 3.34 instead of buster's 3.30,
as 3.34 was the first release to include the correcting patch, but this only
works on i386 because the metacity amd64 package depends on libc6>=2.29
instead of i386's 2.28 and installing 2.29 leads to dependency hell.
   Another would be to download, patch and build metacity packages in the
live build scripts, but it's a hairy solution.
   So my question is whether Debian might update buster's metacity to include 
the patch that resolves this issue
as this would also fix the Debian "sucrose" package which installs the Sugar
Desktop. If so, should I file a Debian bug for it?

Thanks & best wishes


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