Bug#986433: Bug#986432: totem: segfault when opening totem

Jérémy Lal kapouer at melix.org
Mon Apr 19 15:35:28 BST 2021

Le lun. 19 avr. 2021 à 16:31, Bernhard Übelacker <bernhardu at mailbox.org> a
écrit :

> Dear Maintainer,
> I tried to have a look and I could reproduce the crash [1].
> I think this is caused by a call to gtk_list_store_set
> in totem_playlist_steal_current_starttime [2].
> There a variadic argument list contains a plain 0,
> which might occupy just 32 bit, but gets later interpreted
> as gint64, therefore the terminating -1 gets overrun.
> A totem package rebuilt with attached patch does not show
> the crash inside the test VM.

Cool ! i'll check on real armhf hardware later.
Meanwhile, i suspect the other bug i reported is similar:
https://bugs.debian.org/986433 (cc-ed)

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