Bug#987587: libpango1.0-udeb: hangs the installer in various situations

Cyril Brulebois kibi at debian.org
Thu Apr 29 17:23:40 BST 2021

Cyril Brulebois <kibi at debian.org> (2021-04-26):
>  - I'm *not yet* certain this also triggers direct failures for Netinst
>    images for several languages, tracked at:
>      https://bugs.debian.org/987449
>    I'll try to confirm this in the next few days.

It's been confirmed, so I've added a “block” between both reports.

I've also confirmed an earlier version, uploaded to experimental
(1.44.6-1) also triggers the issue, hence the recent “found”.

I'm now down to investigating upstream releases that weren't packaged
into Debian. For that, I'm using #987449 with Sinhala (since that's
almost instantaneous, as opposed to #987377 which needs going through
various menus).

This time around, testing 1.43.0 with debian/ carried over from
debian/1.42.4-8, adjusted for docs (some files are missing) and symbols
(one new symbol), the problem cannot be triggered in an obvious manner.

Moving to 1.44* tags now.

Cyril Brulebois (kibi at debian.org)            <https://debamax.com/>
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