Bug#584247: brasero: Error checking the integrity of the CD-RW DVD-RW using the file MD5 checksum

juichenieder-debbie at yahoo.co.uk juichenieder-debbie at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 8 17:08:16 BST 2021

If I understand this bug correctly I think I have just come across it.  The error message I received was:  "The file integrity check could not be performed, you do not have the required permissions to use this drive".
After some searching on the internet I realised that the problem was because the DVD had been mounted and thus not able to get read by Brasero.  I opened up the final manager, right clicked on the dvd drive and selected "Unmount drive" went back to Brasero to try again and voila no more error message.
I think the error message could get updated to either:1. Cite the drive being mounted as a possible cause.2. Automatically check if the drive has been mounted and give this info to the user.3. Ask the user if they wish to try to unmount the drive from Brasero.4. Automatically unmount the drive from Brasero without asking the user.5. Do 3 but with an option box to ask it to do 4 in the future.

Best wishes,Jack
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