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> # We're getting very close to the bullseye release. Although we'd
> # (still) love to have these bugs fixed, let's focus on what absolutely
> # needs fixing.
> # I'm considering adding a release-notes section about some/most of
> # these bugs
> user at
Setting user to at (was elbrus at
> tag 924151 bullseye-ignore
Bug #924151 [grub2-common] grub2-common: wrong grub.cfg for efi boot and fully encrypted disk
Bug #926689 [grub2-common] cryptsetup-initramfs: config lines in grub.cfg for cryptodisk/luks and other modules missing
Added tag(s) bullseye-ignore.
Added tag(s) bullseye-ignore.
> tag 558422 bullseye-ignore
Bug #558422 [grub-pc] grub-pc: upgrade hangs
Added tag(s) bullseye-ignore.
> tag 897975 bullseye-ignore
Bug #897975 [gdm3] gdm3: restarts in a loop: IceLockAuthFile fail: Already exists (race condition?)
Added tag(s) bullseye-ignore.
> tag 948318 bullseye-ignore
Bug #948318 [openssh-server] openssh-server: Unable to restart sshd restart after upgrade to version 8.1p1-2
Added tag(s) bullseye-ignore.
> usertag 948318 bullseye-release-notes
Usertags were: bullseye-can-defer.
Usertags are now: bullseye-release-notes bullseye-can-defer.
> tag 859926 bullseye-ignore
Bug #859926 [speech-dispatcher] breaks with pulse-audio as output when spawned by speechd-up from init system
Added tag(s) bullseye-ignore.
> usertag 859926 bullseye-release-notes
Usertags were: bullseye-can-defer stretch-can-defer.
Usertags are now: bullseye-release-notes bullseye-can-defer stretch-can-defer.
> tag 948739 bullseye-ignore
Bug #948739 [gparted] gparted should not mask .mount units
Added tag(s) bullseye-ignore.
> usertag 948739 bullseye-release-notes
Usertags were: bullseye-can-defer.
Usertags are now: bullseye-can-defer bullseye-release-notes.
> tag 975931 bullseye-ignore
Bug #975931 [libllvm11] libllvm11: libgpuarray autopkgtest using pocl on armhf triggers segfault
Added tag(s) bullseye-ignore.
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