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Fri Jun 4 15:56:53 BST 2021


Dispatch Confirmation

  ID # DTL04-9878661935

Hello pkg-gnome-maintainers at<mailto:pkg-gnome-maintainers at>,

Your recent order ( MacBook Pro) with us has been placed successfully!

The estimated delivery date is based on the handling time and the warehouse processing time. In certain cases, the estimated delivery date will vary.

You can check all the details for your order below. Thank you again for ordering from amazon.

Order Helpdesk : (800) 942-0289

Delivery by:

Thursday, June 10

Your package was shipped to:

Justin K
12321 W Doris Dr, Odessa,

TX 79764, USA

Your item(s) is (are) being sent by Priority Delivery Services.

Order summary

Item Subtotal:

$ 1545.90

Shipping & Handling:


Shipment Total:


P.S. If you haven't placed this order, Reach Account Support  Immediately on (800) 942-0289

We hope to see you again soon!

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