Bug#987298: gdm3: Fails to unlock GNOME keyring when multiple attempts were needed to unlock LUKS

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Sun Jun 6 09:08:36 BST 2021

Hi Simon,

Simon McVittie (2021-04-30):
> Sorry, I can't work out how to get a system where the bug you reported
> would even be relevant. At this stage in the release process I am reluctant
> to apply changes that I can't test - please could you describe how I can?

Thanks for having considered my request so seriously.
I feel like I've wasted your time and I'm sorry for this.

I'm afraid this bug report I submitted turned into something vastly
more complicated than I thought initially. I don't have the bandwidth
to spend the time needed to move this forward for Bullseye.

The bugfix will propagate to Debian on its own eventually so perhaps
we can close this bug as "non actionable without extra work that I'm
not in a position to do"?


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