[Pkg-gnupg-maint] debhelper compat levels

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Mon Sep 8 15:06:53 UTC 2014

debhelper has different "compatibility levels", which introduce
backward-incompatible changes.  these correspond with the major version
number of debhelper.

debhelper 9.* is available in squeeze-backports, wheezy, jessie, and sid.

debhelper-based packaging indicates which compatibility level to use
with debian/compat.

Several of the pkg-gnupg-team repos (gnupg, gpa, libgpg-error) use
compatibility level 7.  The others use compat level 9.

I propose that we move them all to compat level 9 to stay current with
archive packaging practices, and because this is the recommended mode of
operation.  details of the changes from 7 to 9 are below.

Any objections or concerns about moving pkg-gnupg-maint packages to
debhelper 9?


from debhelper(7), the differences between 7 and 9 are:

>        v8  Changes from v7 are:
>            -       Commands will fail rather than warning when they are passed
>                    unknown options.
>            -       dh_makeshlibs will run dpkg-gensymbols on all shared
>                    libraries that it generates shlibs files for. So -X can be
>                    used to exclude libraries.  Also, libraries in unusual
>                    locations that dpkg-gensymbols would not have processed
>                    before will be passed to it, a behavior change that can
>                    cause some packages to fail to build.
>            -       dh requires the sequence to run be specified as the first
>                    parameter, and any switches come after it. Ie, use "dh $@
>                    --foo", not "dh --foo $@".
>            -       dh_auto_* prefer to use Perl's Module::Build in preference
>                    to Makefile.PL.
>        v9  This is the recommended mode of operation.
>            Changes from v8 are:
>            -       Multiarch support. In particular, dh_auto_configure passes
>                    multiarch directories to autoconf in --libdir and
>                    --libexecdir.
>            -       dh is aware of the usual dependencies between targets in
>                    debian/rules.  So, "dh binary" will run any build, build-
>                    arch, build-indep, install, etc targets that exist in the
>                    rules file. There's no need to define an explicit binary
>                    target with explicit dependencies on the other targets.
>            -       dh_strip compresses debugging symbol files to reduce the
>                    installed size of -dbg packages.
>            -       dh_auto_configure does not include the source package name
>                    in --libexecdir when using autoconf.
>            -       dh does not default to enabling --with=python-support
>            -       All of the dh_auto_* debhelper programs and dh set
>                    environment variables listed by dpkg-buildflags, unless
>                    they are already set.
>            -       dh_auto_configure passes dpkg-buildflags CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS,
>                    and LDFLAGS to perl Makefile.PL and Build.PL
>            -       dh_strip puts separated debug symbols in a location based
>                    on their build-id.
>            -       Executable debhelper config files are run and their output
>                    used as the configuration.

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