[Pkg-gnupg-maint] dirmngr moved into gnupg 2.1 source tree

Eric Dorland eric at debian.org
Tue Sep 9 05:34:36 UTC 2014

* Peter Eisentraut (petere at debian.org) wrote:
> On Fri, 2014-08-29 at 17:17 -0400, Eric Dorland wrote:
> > So, were you aware of this change? Did you already have plans for
> > dealing with it? We'd like to get gnupg2.1 in experimental but obviously
> > don't want to hijack your package as a side effect.
> I knew this was coming, but gnupg2 appears to move at glacial speeds, so
> I had almost forgotten about it already.

OK, glad this isn't a surprise. I agree it's been pretty slow 
> > If you're OK with the transition from its own package to the gnupg
> > tree, I would suggest you join the pkg-gnupg alioth project and you
> > can continue your work on dirmngr there (and feel free to move the
> > existing dirmngr package to pkg-gnupg). Then we can just upload the
> > new gnupg 2.1 to experimental (and only experimental, we won't upload
> > to unstable until it's been released by upstream) with the new
> > dirmngr.
> It appears to me that the dirmngr binary package ought to be built from
> the gnupg2 source package going forward, seeing that the top-level
> configure has various dirmngr related options.  So feel free to take
> whatever you need out of the existing dirmngr source package and drop it
> into gnupg2.

Will do! I mean it's too early to actually switch dirmngr since gnupg
2.1 isn't ready yet, but hopefully it may release in the next year.

> I'm quite glad to get rid of this package and put it into more dedicated
> hands.

Should we move the existing dirmngr to the pkg-gnupg project?

Eric Dorland <eric at kuroneko.ca>
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