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Mr. John Huojin johnhuojin at outlook.com
Wed Oct 14 21:52:00 UTC 2015

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Dear ,
I am John Huojin, wealth manager with an investment house in Hong Kong. I am send you this E-mail as I have send you letter by posting to your address in top of letter but I was Never get a response. I was not sure if you get it and choose not respond to it or you never get it. As I was explain to you in letter it was urgent you please reaching me on my E-mail or private phone number as I have classified information about deceased client of mine with same last name with you that maybe your relative, but if not, important something is that you are both bare same last of name. It was very very possible for me to giving you information and guiding you on how you can making claim of Mr. Peter estate as he was pass away quite a few year ago with no relative come forth to making claim till now. If claim was not make in few week time it revert automatic to state, and end up to be share among of corrupt China official. For me I think this was honest opportunity for us add value to our live. As long as you are follow my guiding there was absolutely no risk, I will responsible at my expense to put paperwork in place to leading to you make successful claim in returning for half of total amount as my "finder fee" when claim process complete. This is simple reason for contact you. I understanding that because of way world was now, you might have worry about my Proposal, but remember mine friend "only those who are make attempt to start journey, are only one know whether they complete journey in end or not" I have not give much of detail about transaction as I want to sure message go to right Person as matter must be keep very confidential . I will waiting to hear from you my good friend. If for reason you are not interest,You can please be destroy this E-mail. Thank you for take time read this message. Greetings from Hong Kong.
Yours faithful,
John Huojin
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