[pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#831626: Bug#831626: pinentry-gtk2 locks Xfce4 with Alt-Tab

Alain Rpnpif rpnpif at free.fr
Sat Jul 23 18:02:55 UTC 2016

Le 18 juillet 2016, Daniel Kahn Gillmor a écrit :

> On Mon 2016-07-18 07:44:21 +0200, Alain wrote:
> >  Now it is impossible to launch any command or to select another window.
> >  X is locked.
> does pressing "escape" or "enter" resolve anything?

No, Daniel, because after the focus on the other window of a terminal,
pinentry is not accessible... and all is locked. But the terminal bar
of its menu is accessible but not the submenus. So no actions is

Oops, after a timeout of about one minute that I have not seen before,
pinentry quits, unlocks X and displays :
ERR 83886179 Operation cancelled <Pinentry>

So I think the cause is in the "modal" (I do not know the name of this
mode in gtk) aspect of the window of pinentry.

Alain Rpnpif

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