[pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#862032: Bug#862032: [scdaemon] yubikey 4 stops working after upgrade from 2.1.18-6

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Tue May 9 00:00:14 UTC 2017

Shin Ice <shin.ice at shinice.net> writes:
> Package: scdaemon
> Version: 2.1.18-7
> Severity: important
> --- Please enter the report below this line. ---
> Hi there,
> after upgrading to 2.1.18-7 my yubikey stops working again.
> In difference to #852702 I can't get serious output to append to the bug
> report since an "gpg --card-status" dont' get me any update.
> If you need additional information or anything that I can troubleshoot,
> tell it :)

Thanks for the report.  I confirmed the bug with PC/SC.

I introduced this bug when I backported a fix for factory reset of the

This fixes the issue:


This is 2.1.18-7 only bug, not in 2.1.20-?.

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