[pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#862398: build wks client and server tools

Stefan Bühler stbuehler at web.de
Fri May 12 10:37:03 UTC 2017

Package: gnupg2
Version: 2.1.18-8
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch


it would be nice to build and have packages for the gpg-wks-* tools.

It seems there was already done some work in


I rebased that commit to the experimental branch, fixed some file names,
modified some texts and added man pages.

Upstream install gpg-wks-client to /usr/lib/gnupg/, but I moved it in
the package to /usr/bin - I get that it was designed to be a backend
tool for MUAs, but right now I guess most people installing it will have
to use it manually.

I builds fine for me (I didn't test it completely yet though).

My own changes are in:


The complete patch (squashed with the dev/wks commit) is:


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