[pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#863149: Bug#863149: libgpgmepp-dev: please split the qtgpgme(pp) stuff out

Sandro Knauß hefee at debian.org
Fri May 26 23:02:24 UTC 2017


well why this has changed is that upstream imcluded  qtgpgme(pp) into gpgmepp, 
so a  developer can expect to install the gpgmepp-dev package to have all 
language bindings to be installed (cpp, qt,...) . 

I would recommend, when the gpgmepp-dev package depends on gpgmepp-cpp-dev and 
gpgmepp-qt-dev package etc. so your package can select gpgmepp-cpp-dev etc.

see also the old mail thread:

> but starting from LibreOffice 5.4 we have libreoffice-core having a
> build-dependency on libgpgmepp-dev and LibreOffice (still, yes, I consider
> that a bug, but..) uses Qt4/KDE for -kde, not Qt5.

Qt4 is EOL and also stretch should not be released with it! But there was to 
much depending on it, so we had to drop the plan to get rid of Qt4 . But this 
won't happend for buster so please file a bug upstream to switch to Qt5 fast. 
So forcing you to switch to Qt5 via gpgmepp is a nice side effect :)

Best regards,


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