[pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#987660: gnupg: man page claims gpg always requires a keyring, but --no-keyring implies it does not

Ansgar ansgar at debian.org
Tue Apr 27 13:23:53 BST 2021

Package: gnupg
Version: 2.2.27-1
Severity: normal

The man page for gpg(1) states for `--no-default-keyring`:

| Note that GnuPG will not operate without any keyrings, so if you use
| this option and do not provide alternate keyrings via --keyring or
| --secret-keyring, then GnuPG will still use the default public or
| secret keyrings.

But the next option described is `--no-keyring`:

| Do not use any keyring at all.  This overrides the default and all
| options which specify keyrings.

This seems to be a contradiction to the claim that GnuPG will not
operate without any keyring from the `--no-default-keyring` option.


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