[pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#1008573: gpg-agent -managed SSH keys stored in Yubikeys cannot be used with OpenSSH 8.9

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at debian.org
Sun Apr 17 19:27:11 BST 2022

On 2022-04-18, Shengjing Zhu wrote:
> For anyone who suffers this, the workaround is:
> Add `KexAlgorithms=-sntrup761x25519-sha512 at openssh.com` to ~/.ssh/config
> or `-o KexAlgorithms=-sntrup761x25519-sha512 at openssh.com` to the command.

Thanks!  That works for me with openssh-client 1:9.0p1-1 and gpg-agent

Though for clarity, the ~/.ssh/config option is without the '=':

  KexAlgorithms -sntrup761x25519-sha512 at openssh.com

live well,
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