[pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#970378: Bug#970378: pinentry: Add pinentry-efl package

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Thu Apr 28 22:12:47 BST 2022

Hi Efraim--

On Tue 2020-09-15 12:17:51 +0300, Efraim Flashner wrote:
> In upstream there is now merged support for pinentry with using EFL as the
> graphical toolkit. I have been using it on my Debian machine for several
> days now and on other machines for months. The attached patch to the
> source comes straight from upstream and I put together the Debian bits
> based on the other files in the debian/ directory.

A very belated thank you for offering these changes to the debian
packaging to enable the pinentry-efl package. (in

Now that pinentry-efl is actually part of upstream directly, and debian
unstable has pinentry 1.2.0, i'm looking into enabling this (when we do
eventually enable it, it'll have to go through the NEW queue because of
the additional binary package created).

You can see my merge of your patch on the debian/WIP-pinentry-efl branch
on https://salsa.debian.org/debian/pinentry.

However, i'm not prepared to release it into debian now, because it's
not behaving the way i'd expect -- i've opened
https://dev.gnupg.org/T5955 upstream to report the issue.  If you have a
chance to review that issue and give feedback (either on the upstream
bugtracker, or here in this issue), i'd appreciate any suggestions on
how to bring this up to parity with the other pinentries so we can
include it in debian.


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